rest, relax, retreat

Last year, a native Italian healing artist friend, Angela recommended we go to Puglia "before more people find out about the magic of the land and the splendor of the food." Since that time, Anthony Bourdain shouted it out on his show... and still, we are determined to go. And we are inviting people along for the adventure.

We have curated our version of a Healing Arts Retreat: "An Adventure for the Soul" to include Travel (The Boot), Yoga (Mindful Movement and Meditation)Nature (Masseria Della Zinagra sits on 20 acres of olive orchards, cherry cheers, and along a strip of cliffs to explore), and Food (um, we will be in southern Italy!) with options to take cooking classes on site or adventure to surrounding local villages. I love traveling to new places; I love teaching people movement; I love connecting to nature; I love eating good food. And now I am inviting you to join!

Allow us to guide you, support you, and share with you our vision, our passions, our ability to hold space for you to rest, relax, and retreat in Puglia, Italy.

Commit to rest: constructive and restorative wakefulness. Commit to relax: consciously surrender tension from the body. Commit to retreat: remove yourself from your daily surroundings and immerse yourself in a journey that begins within, energized and heightened by a new place, a new lens. Find out what it would feel like to connect to the Source, walk the Earth barefoot, commune with the full moon, intentionally move your body, explore your thoughts, increase your presence, and enjoy the surrounding beauty of Southern Italy. 

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