Time To Cleanse

Much to people's surprise ("but you're a yoga teacher"), I eat meat; I drink alcohol; I have and sometimes do smoke; I'm not a joiner; I struggle with discipline but appreciate consistency (more on that another time). I have a lot of energy and I'm tired.

My health is not always great (I mean for a yoga teacher :) I have had many rounds of reoccurring infections, lung compromise, and energetic lows. What often looks like balance, is my ability to run on adrenaline and in survival mode. I get sick and tired, cranky and out of balance.

So when my friend Laura Kauffmann announced her LK5 cleanse, I decided I needed a reboot. I want to reset my mindset on nurturing myself and being accountable for my health. I want to create rituals and systems around tending to my body's balance and wellbeing. I want to give my body a pause on the patterns of consumption and move more towards conscious choices: planned out ceremonies (food, movement, celebration) and coordinate my efforts towards equilibrium (which has often sounded even boring to me). I want the cleanse process to be beautiful and full of affirmation so as I can support any of my body's (maybe oh so not pretty) reactions to a new format, a new system. You never know until you try.

Starting tomorrow, October 9th, I will do a 3-day pre-cleanse based and supported by LK5. I will be reporting to myself, to my partner, to you...how it turns out. I hope you'll join me and be inspired or curious. I know I am.

I will also include T'ai Thai techniques for self-belly-massage to help eliminate and restore the optimal function of the organs. Because, you know...I'm a yoga teacher.


T'ai Jamar HannaComment