I will write. I will write it all out as an expression of my life. I will weave words into images and give life to dreams and things I cannot see. I will not confuse my patterns with symmetry; I will not try to describe that I cannot feel; I will anoint my feelings with honesty. You are the one. You exist. You are the one I want to create life with. You have carved a deep river bed in my heart: where ideas, poetry, possibility, and love grows. You are the floor of the ocean; I want to explore every particle of sand, smooth over every rock and stone; I want to ride the waves until they quiet into a song of coming home.

You are beautiful. You are the stars' illuminating essence. Your smile, your eyes, your smell, your very being is everything to me. I am already complete but you completely transcend any idea that I would be without thee. You are extra-ordinary.

We are one. We exist. We create oneness in this life of duality. We carve pathways and swim waters that carry obstacles and illusions at every pass, and still we last. We are the smallest entities in the big universality of love. We are languages that combine and form a ballad in time that describes the very nature of union. We are home. Our scent, our breath, our visions are a journey of discovery. Completely crazy and full of energy, magnetized in each other's presence; we are extra-ordinary.

I am quietly resolved to sit, creating space for us to exist in harmony. In truth. I am breathing deeply and soundly in the hope and faith that where I begin to come to center, you come to center. It is in this place, in this space, in this time; I reconcile my desires with my integrity and I honor all that we are. Love.