i love

i love when i can't love anymore because what else is there to do but love? i love you when i am mad. i love food when i am sick. i love the world when all i see is sadness and hate because i love. i love the pain when i grow; i love the places that i know. i love the lessons i have not learned. i love all the kudos, i have earned. couldn't you love me back? wouldn't you see why love is the new black? even if nyc isn't all that, won't you understand love is all we have/ and what? love me. i love you. come to me; i'll come to you. love will conquer all , if not this page- love will make me say things that make me sound brave. love, love, and more love, you see. it's friday night and i love you, my teacher, my friend, a sage, a blessing-- you be. love.