once again

isn't it so.  i could come back around and around again--until it hits me in the face.  and then i'll do it again.  what am i so afraid of? i need to...i want to.

november 15th.  you are the beginning.  tomorrow (it is always a tomorrow) i will do it differently.  so i say.  every other day.  but tomorrow is different.  i am asking for a witness.  let tomorrow be different.  so i say.

i have said...i have meant...

sunday, november 16th.  you are my friend.

let me distinguish between what i want and what i am use to.  let me describe the things i've been seeing, dreaming, and believing.

i raise my glass in honor of tomorrow.  when life will stop being what it's always been.  i want to give myself a chance.  i want to dance.  i want to write. sing. bring laughter everywhere i am, and i'd like to do this all with love and kindness.

let me share with you. a confirmation of an intention that i hope i can complete. and be anything i  want to be.  including. me.