99 poems to go

and this is the first to send her.  dedicated to her.  the rest are for us. she reflects me.  in infinite and innocent wisdom.  she is my nurturer and provider and friend.  she is my resilient support and divine mother.  she is a fire goddess.  she says look within.  but i look without.  she says you have it, inside.  i try outside.  she says listen to yourself.  i listen to others.  she says be quiet.  i am loud.  she says you are powerful.  i feel weak.  she says you do not have to be afraid. i am afraid.

and then, with the simplest conversation in a bookstore in paris, she is 60 and i am 30.  and we are two perfectly, whole beings..and she says love.  i love.  we meet and seek each other's trust and all i have to offer her is trust.  she says open.  i am open.  we are open, expansive, and loved.  lovely lady.  i write to you once, and then again, more to come.