big bright eyes, full of light

you precious child, have the guidance of an angel, angels--seeking to express the divine spirit within and without.  you have been a sacred source of laughter, inspiration, and wisdom from the beginning.  with your round cheeks and energized smile--just letting the world know what's inside.  how remarkable you are.  you love to sing, dance, and bring a chance for everyone in the room to feel free.  you have spoken not a word yet, though it is so obvious to everyone you are with, how miraculous life is.  let that light shine.  let the love come out in your eyes.  let the sun envelop your skin and the world see your grin.  how dear child, you may take ahold of the world--it is yet to be known.  but if you see what i see, it is the abundance and gifts of your spirit that will shine. let it out.  let it out.  shout it out loud.  whisper in my ear.  let me hear all the ways that the world can be spoken in a language that has not yet been broken.  a child's essence, a goddesses soul.  you gorgeous girl will explode like a flash of light, just as you will softly soothe like a wave.  blessed being of warmth and innocence, embrace your talents, your creative gifts, and your magnitude of expression.  namaste t'ai jamar.  you are the cutest baby ever. xo