2014-07-13-07-02-21i am a complete. i am the oldest mountain, washed over and over–until i am sand. i greet the ocean with an invitation to rest on my shores.

i am serene with contemplation, deep with wisdom and enchanted with spirit connection.

i am whole.

i am a waterfall flowing to a river, reaching for the ocean i call my home.

i am the ripples of change and peaceful resistance.

i am a moving–body of water.

i am the bright circle of light, the fire-center, the warmth glowing on your skin.

i am radiant and magical, necessary and complete.

you can meet me in the sky.

i am the breeze behind your neck, the alternative source of energy, the fresh breath of spring, carrying seeds of life and death on the possibilities of wind.


i am the core, strength, resilient, embodiment of mother, lover, powerful goddess–earth.

i have the foundation of experience and insight built in the stability of my bones.

i am whole. i am unafraid. i am hopeful. i am forgiving. i am sensitive. i am expansive.

i am larger and smaller than everything. i am connected. i am source.

i am complete.