our saying in new york--is hurry up and get out of my way, i'm late for yoga.  or quick, i'm trying to get to yoga so that i can slow down.  here i am at the keyboard, much more comfortable than my mat.  30 minutes.  i gave to myself today.  with the greatest intentions, i met myself on the mat.  and there i was all wound up from the day, breathing in my expression of calm.  breathing out my day of hectic force and anticipated movement.  i'll let this one flow, i think, i am my wisest teacher.  what if i did this everyday?  oops, already out of the moment, and i bring it back--here i am right now.  ahhh, yes mountain pose (tadasana) and i am aware of my arches, lift my knees--do not over extend and breath.  there is where i meet up with my breath, my sequence which will lead me in and out of my brain's methods of distraction and criticism.  i am happy to be here.  i did hurry through salutations, found tree briefly and found headstand joyful and almost nostalgic--i miss my practice.  this is my practice.  savansana was brief and my hands flew to the keyboard to hurry up and write about trying to slow down and explore my breath, with every step--this much i trust.