Move Your Body

One of my teachers Glenn Black would say, why can't we just move like humans? Which is to say, we have such ranges of movement, so many expressions of the physical form. Why be limited by our job, our injuries or even our self-perceptions? Glenn would say, move like a human. I say, move like you.


My intention as a student of the body is to move: mindfully, playfully, and in observation of the breath. With many years as a soccer player, dancer, bicyclist, and student of yoga; I have some wear and tear on my body. Injuries become gifts when they slow me down enough to observe my habits, patterns and challenge my intentions to inspire me to heal from within.

As a guide towards self healing, my first questions are: what are my intentions? Where is my happy place? Physical goals? Lifetime dreams? Hopes, ambitious, secret tips? What do I believe to be my limitations? What is the conversation I am having with my body?

Holding space for people seeking joy, balance, health, and success in their practice, life, and within can be a challenge. For myself, it has its own blaring warning signs and cautious tales.  In an effort to meet my students where they are and then encourage them to go into a deeper state of self-realization, I offer this suggestion: It is not about "what it is suppose to be"; and it is not about being complacent: "it is what it is." It is about witnessing the body, connecting the mind and then consciously breathing. From there, I truly believe we can move from a harmonious place and reach a balanced state.

I say, move like you. And then find the place where you can stay a little while and be curious, playful, and invested in finding the space where you can keep engaged and interested.

Keep moving, keep breathing consciously, and have fun!

Mindful movement can be a courageous act of self love. I honor you in your pursuits and hope you find a class, a teacher, a quiet moment today to feel your body.