just this last week

Just this last week, I came face to face with death and life won. My dear friend JTD had a severe heart attack and went into cardiac arrest 12 times.  She survived.  Not only without brain damage, but with the expectancy of many more years of a vital and active life. She is 88 years old.

We had just celebrated her birthday the week before.  And I, in all my attachment, was not ready to see her leave the planet.  I asked her to hold on-- that we needed more time; we had so many things to do.  Not for me, not for her sons, not for her husband but for her determination and drive to change and affect this world in so many positive ways-- she came through.  With speedy recovery and miraculous details, her doctors were enthusiastic in the results.  She is coming home on Monday.

The emotional roller coast, the need to maintain my posture and breath, the responsibility to manage and direct the family and cover all possible scenarios has left me slightly exhausted but suprisingly uplifted and energized.  I have found a family in New York and I have found a lifelong kindred spirit of a friend.  I cannot express my gratitude and humble stance of hope and happiness.

With pain, we would not know the measure of joy and without discomfort, we would not appreciate the comfort of love and trust.  I feel so blessed and in love.  With life.