Ayas (Signs)


Sickness is a gift.

I have pneumonia. I am 38 years old. I am an ex-smoker. I am also a yoga teacher. This week, I struggled to breathe. It was scary. It was humbling. My emotions surrounded me in the expansive expression of the universe: overwhelming. It knocked into me like waves. When I focus on the dents and the smallest peaks of the infinite ocean, I attach to the implications of this temporary moment. But when I witness the beautiful vastness, I channel the message and let the sickness be as important as the health; they are interconnected, like the signs (Ayas) of infinity. I am swimming in my finiteness within the infiniteness of this universal order.

The physical limitations of my body, the temporariness is a tangible form for me to experience this life; it is uniquely mine, but dependent on the divine.

The human consciousness I have developed is an evolutionary exploration of past, present, and future and is a medium to translate the messages I receive. I can accept or reject.

The conclusions I draw from the messages I receive from witnessing through my human consciousness, delivered in the physical form is the looping sequence of existence.

What Is existence?

I witness. I touch. I connect.

You feel. You explore. You heal.

We honor. We accept. We breathe.

An Aya is a verse, a sign, that points to something else.

I. You. We are One.

Existence is surrender.

I am healing.