Shining Light and Star of the Sea: A Love Story


Their story is a love storm.

A dynamic and powerful demonstration of the elements; it was always full of turbulent waves and flashing moments of lightening and clapping sounds of thunder. It provoked the highest emotions. There was an under current of natural order that each could neither abide by, nor entirely ignore. There was no precedent to their connection, the manifestation of their love.

It had the markings of a new beginning shadowed by old tales and a history in the making. The trauma of losing everything can only be absolved by the possibility of healing and the newness of a sunrise, a bright sky, a darkened sky with stars to wish upon.

It is the promise of life and securing a place in heaven that embodied their devotion. But neither the shining light nor the star of the sea could see beyond the unknown to know...that for this beginning, something must end.

The rain will come and the land will greet each rain drop with a thirst and expectation of birth: growing the seeds they planted. The storm will pass one day, allowing the light to shine the way. Everything will be okay, the Star of the Sea said. Shining light bowed her head, tears filling her eyes, and sighed. We must believe. And so they did.