Only in India

Is it Sunday? How long have we been here? Over 72 hours for sure. Maybe More? New Delhi. Yes there are cows everywhere

This is the place where one can truly practice the art of yoga: breath, focus, acceptance, kindness, awareness... Because what else is there? Here I sit under a pitched roof, hundreds of years old, listening to the honks and chirping, earlier the mid-day prayers and for chatting and I am watching the flags wave in the wind.

The metaphor for the trip, as my friend said: someone gave you a bolt, what looked like a car part and you took it and you began building a car. It was a wedding that started the building of this trip. A wedding in India. What a better what to start? A day, a precious union in a strangers life would be the catalyst for me to explore the world. So I booked my ticket. One way to India. I am here. I have met said couple and I am thrilled to be apart of their celebration. Theirs is a modern day love story, one that gives me hope and one that has brought people from all over: friends, family, and a stranger to India to celebrate LOVE.

And so it begins, as it often does... With once upon a time and ends with happily ever after. A girl, a boy, a hope, a possibility... For union, for companionship, for love. I won't tell you their story; it is not mine to tell.

My story is about a girl who is looking for home. And her journey begins by leaving everything she knows and traveling to a world not of her own... To heal old wounds and to educate her endless search and to celebrate the inner workings of the divine. And it begins in India.