witness: Thai Healing Arts

Level One

Jan 12-16, 2018

Reflections 227 East. 27th, NYC

metta meditation

witness: Thai Healing Arts, Level One

Jan 12-16, 2018


Price: $575 before Nov 1st, $650 after

Contact: tai@reflectionsyoga.com with questions or to register


witness is open to anyone interested in learning about Traditional Thai healing practices, partner yoga, intuitive touch, and metta (loving kindness) meditation.  It is designed around a Traditional Thai-inspired Yoga partner sequence, conscious breath, energetic and physical healing through a reciprocal dance of giving and receiving. It will enhance your knowledge of human movement, structural alignment and intuitive touch.


In this Foundational Course, you will learn:

-T'ai Thai Yoga sequence. (approximately 1hr 30min): This sequence is designed to restore basic flexibility, increase range of movement and balance the flow of energy

-How to use T'ai Thai Yoga (meditation in movement) and the principles of healing touch: correct postural alignment for giver, leverage and weight, connected breath, and delivering of intention through intuitive touch

-How to use hands, feet, forearms to deliver mindful, healing touch

-The history of Buddhism and the oral tradition of Thai medicine

-How to feel and receive the message of the body, unblock energy, and create better flow

-When and how to stretch muscular/sen lines


"T'ai is an intuitive healer and an authentic teacher. I have learned so much just from watching her move in tandem with a client--her "work" is more like a beautiful dance."

~Katie O’Connell (Owner of Dragonfly Yoga Barn and Retreat Center)

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