My APproach to Yoga & MOVEMENT:

Using therapeutic yoga and mindful movement, we address the age-old challenges of living in a human body, including pain management, optimal alignment and efficient movement. Together, we use alignment landmarks, breath instruction, and personalized asana sequences to align and revitalize your body and mind. Hopefully, we will laugh.


Basic Flow

Wednesdays + Fridays


There is nothing basic about this class. Leave all expectations at the door. This class is appropriate for everyone who likes to learn, to be challenged and to have fun while breathing, moving, and noticing all the sensations in the body and the activity of the mind. Functional Yoga, Mindful Movement and Conscious Breath.


Go In WithYin

Wednesdays 8pm

Go In WithYin focuses on calming the mind and balancing the body. Each class will feature long held postures to stimulate the meridians and to activate qi/prana with a quieting of the outer body and tuning into the inner bodies. The practice is based in Taoism and 5-element theory. The class will be design to open pathways of energy, restore optimal vitality, and to guide you deeper into a meditative practice.


Align & Flow



Align and Flow centers around the breath, aligning with the senses, and practicing from a place of lovingkindness. Each class will focus on optimal alignment to maximize energy flow and empower you to experience greater stability, freedom, and ease in the asanas (postures). Classes will include foundational poses, movement connected to breath, and sequences that build strength, flexibility, and body awareness to work towards more advanced poses. Verbal cues, hand-on adjustments, and modifications will be offered. $20


Private Yoga Sessions

Private sessions include ball therapy, breath instruction, and personalized asana sequences to align and revitalize your body and mind. Contact me to learn more about these personalized offerings, as well as Supple Seniors, The Inner Body Approach, No Sweat Stretch or Yoga Nidra.


Corporate Yoga

These classes can take place any space your office can spare. Using mats or chairs, classes last 30-60 minutes at any time of day, depending on what your team is looking for. My offerings are designed to meet everyone where they’re at. Contact me to learn more about my offerings: Yoga Nidra/Meditation, No Sweat Stretch, and Yoga/Mixed Movement.