This is my story.


Through the Art of Healing Touch, I’ve met hundreds of clients and students exactly where they are: in the process of questioning, discovering, and healing themselves. I hold space for self-acceptance, creative expression, and active manifestation of the divine.

I’ve pursued and incorporated the teachings of experts in the fields of fitness, massage, somatic inquiry, and yoga to address my own personal traumas and injuries. Informed and inspired by integrative medicine, community activism, and spiritual development, I’ve found my home internationally teaching, studying, and exploring the body, mind, and spirit.

My true calling is to help people discover what sustains them, offer techniques to support harmony and balance, and explore self-love and interdependence. I wants to share the wisdom of witnessing, inquiring, and being in touch with SELF, in order to support and serve the collective consciousness with peace and lovingkindness.

When I’m not running all over NYC, teaching corporate wellness, movement classes, or offering private healing sessions, you can find me in Prospect park walking a foster dog, sitting under a tree writing a poem, riding my bike to the beach, or crafting some fun, amazing adventure for us to enjoy locally and internationally. I love you.


always learning

  • Sebastian Pucelle & Murielle Burellier, With-Yin Yoga

  • Courtney Bauer, Curriculum AUM

  • David Lutt, Lulyani (Osteo Thai)

  • Pacific College Of Oriental Medicine - NY

  • Laura Kauffmann, 5-Elements Yin Yoga

  • Glenn Black, Body Tuning

  • Thai Massage Circus

  • Ghylian Bell, Urban Yoga Foundation

  • Thai Institute of Healing Arts

  • Jill Miller, Yoga Tune Up®

  • Paula Tursi, Reflections Yoga